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5 reasons why on-hold messages are a great marketing tool

Often times, businesspeople think of on hold music and messages as just a simple, polite gesture when they keep their callers waiting on the line. However, the on-hold experience can be so much more when the time is utilized effectively. In fact, this service which is largely disregarded as a sales tool by marketers, can win, save, AND upgrade business deals. The fact is - utilizing music only or just a generic message on hold is like an abandoned billboard... useless and a waste of space!

Reason #1: Did you know that 70% of callers who wait on the line in silence will hang up within 60 seconds, according to a CNN survey? While there is already a case for utilizing on-hold services, why stop there? Use that time to speak to your customer audience and think about what kind of information they are looking for from you. A local pizzeria, for example, can advertise a special deal or combo to get customers to upgrade their order. The holidays are a great time to change up your music and message to reflect the season and advertise during the busiest consumer shopping time of the year.

Reason #2: Hype up your customer base with a new product or service that you are offering. On hold advertising is an easy way to inform your target audience of changes in your business that they may potentially want to discuss further. While the customer may have been calling in for a different reason, you can prompt your listeners to ask a sales rep for more information on the new offering.

Reason #3: You have a captive audience. While a customer waits for a live person to pick up the phone, they are bored and would welcome a lively voice with background hold music. Especially if your call-waiting times are longer than the average business, an on hold commercial can be a great way to distract them from boredom and ultimately hanging up.

Reason #4: Your brand image is enhanced. On hold advertising is a great way for small businesses in particular to sound like big businesses at an affordable price.

Reason #5: Get more hits on the web. On hold advertising works as a marketing tool in this digital age. Ask customers to visit your website, and invite them to “like” you on social media. Improve your company’s rankings on the search engines with an on hold message that incentivizes potential customers to enter a contest on a social media page, and offer a prize.

The bottom line is to take advantage of your customers’ valuable time, and treat it as an opportunity to get your message across… not just any message.

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