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How it all began 


Our story began in 1997 with little more than an idea and a will to succeed. Jack (pictured above) had just sold his franchise sign company and was looking for a new opportunity - something that was unique and added value. 

You see, Jack's will to succeed had very little to do with money and everything to do with family. Jack endured a tumultuous childhood with memories worthy of a Lifetime movie.


And while those memories bring much sadness, they also planted a seed - a seed of hope for the future, and a strong will to never allow such brokenness into his own family. 

Now married to his love for 40 years, Jack has 2 grown children. 


Cristina, (also pictured above), joined "Dad" over 5 years ago with a mission: to become the On Hold Messaging Dream Team for our clients and to provide the best product and personal service at a fair and competitive price. 

We are passionate about helping your business to grow through custom on-hold messaging.

With humble beginnings in Houston, Texas, we now proudly serve thousands of locations across the United States & around the world.

We build relationships that matter. And a track record to prove it. 


We have the honor of continuing to serve our very first client (20+ years ago!) along with countless others who have allowed us to serve them for over 10 years.


The reason for our success?


At On Hold Marketing Works, you are not a number - you are person to get to know with a story that matters! 


And that's how we do business every day. 


more about jack & cristina . . . 

Jack Younger, Sr
President, 1997 - Present
On Hold Marketing Works
Cristina Stacy
Vice President
On Hold Marketing Works

As a past Board Member of the On Hold Messaging Association (now the Experience Marketing Association), Jack has helped to shape and improve the future of the on-hold messaging and music industry. 


Fun Facts about Jack:

  • Has a black belt in karate -  haaaaYA! 

  • Had a LOT of trouble posing for this pic to the left, because he needed something "real" to smile about. He did quite nicely in the end, though, don't you think?  :) 

  • Married for over 40 years and counting 

  • Strongly disapproves of green peas but maintains a life-long love for ketchup 

  • Would journey to the moon and back for any one of his customers 



After years of working the corporate life, it didn't take long for Cristina to realize that working with "Dad" would be a dream come true. Instead of building businesses for others, she became determined to grow On Hold Marketing Works. 


Fun Facts about Cristina:

  • Studied abroad in France and is an avid "Francophile" 

  • Childhood Dream: to be a country singer! 

  • Current Dream: working with Dad, being a Mom to one silly 6 year old boy, and a wife to her other half 

  • Will challenge anyone to a game of Backgammon, anytime 

  • Cares deeply about her customers and giving them the attention they need and deserve 



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