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How to create the perfect on hold advertising script

On Hold Marketing Works - On Hold Music and Messaging

So you’ve decided to buy an on hold messaging service, but writer’s block is making it impossible to come up with a great advertising message… you are not alone! Here at On Hold Marketing Works, we understand this problem which is why our script writers specialize in creating promotional advertising and exhibit professional writing and editing skills. However, it is important that you actively participate in the process if you want your callers (and you!) to get the most out of the call-waiting experience.

Step 1: Answer this one question

Who is my target audience? Is it an individual consumer, another business, perhaps both? Further define your target audience: Are they mainly female or male, or a good mix of both? Do they speak a particular language? Do they fit within a certain age category? Understanding your customer base is key to crafting the most effective on hold message. Once this question is answered, you can select the best voice talent for the job and engage with our script writers.

Step 2: The 3 Cs

Clear, Concise, and Call-to-action. Now wrap those three into one Big C: Communication.

You always hear the phrase “Communication is Key,” and the on hold message is not exempt from it. Perhaps the most important of all is the call-to-action, so let’s discuss it first. Whether you are selling candles or boats, the call-to-action method is the same. Tap into your target audience’s 5 senses so they can experience your message. For example, a marina’s on hold message may say something like, “Come see us today to ride the waves and feel the wind!” A restaurant advertisement on hold may tap into taste senses: “Ask your server today to taste test our spicy queso recipe for free when you mention this on hold message special offer!” It’s important not to overload the consumer with too much information, as they may not remember any of it.

Step 3: Stay away from generic

Don’t stick to an average on hold script that could be used for just any business. Branch out, and don’t be afraid to appeal to your customers in new ways. If you work in medicine, talk to your on hold audience about the new and innovative machinery or techniques your practice offers. Inform your consumers about market trends. Offer special discounts and incentives. Allow them to get a feel for who you are. If your group is spunky and fun, create a message that reflects that. Improve the customer experience and get them thinking about why they should buy from you!

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