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Our Favorite 5 Features of the GoToConnect by Jive Phone System

When I was a child, I loved my grandma's "phone station" - a small desk and chair, a pen with a pad of paper, a book of phone numbers, and matte black rotary phone. She let me dial for her when she had calls to make, tiny fingers trying to yank the dial around as I saw her do so effortlessly. I was even allowed to answer for her, but only IF I answered politely: "Thank you for calling my grandma's house, one moment please." (I could soften the meanest of church-ladies with that opening line.)

Phone systems have obviously come a long way since I sat at that small desk, feet dangling above the floor, (im)patiently waiting for cookies. We obviously have moved on from rotary phones and rolodexes, but many businesses are still utilizing outdated phone technologies every day.

Below are 5 features that make GoToConnect’s phone system THE option for bringing your phones to the modern age: streamlined yet robust with easy customizations and excellent customer service.

1. This System is VERY User-Friendly

For many of us, even setting up a simple outgoing message on the phone is just another task on an already long “To Do” list. Learning another system, especially from a manual, takes time and attention you just don’t have.

With GoToConnect, your entire phone system can be programmed and completely customized by you using the accessible online dashboard.

With the convenient and easy admin dashboard, you can assign groups for answering priorities, define call queues, set up personalized audio messages, create and manage rules for call routing, forwarding, and blocking, among many other things.

If it still sounds daunting, tech support is just a phone call away at no extra cost (versus expensive on-site technicians). GoToConnect’s support team can provide a general walkthrough, teaching you how to set up and tailor your system to your specific circumstances.

2. Offers a Highly Customizable Audio Branding Platform

Here at On Hold Marketing Works we pride ourselves on quality audio production; therefore, we searched high and low for a cloud phone system that could perform the audio branding function as well as it could perform the communications function.

When we were introduced to GoToConnect, we were impressed at their versatility.

With GoTo, your phone system is not just a way to answer calls. It's a marketing tool.

Consider what we found:

  • Targeted Messaging:

You can put a different hold message on every line if you want. If you have a caller speaking to a customer service representative, when put on hold, they could hear only customer service-related information; if speaking to sales, they could hear the latest promotions and offers.

  • Hold Messaging Playlists:

Instead of simply starting “at the top” each time, like most cloud phone systems, GoToConnect will keep a fresh message “on top” for your callers. You can upload multiple audio files to your playlist and have the system randomly shuffle. That way, your callers hear different messages every time they call --- keeping them tuned in and enhancing your marketing impact.

  • No Fuss Audio Install:

If you can copy and paste (or simply drag and drop) a file from one folder to another, you are already well on your way to customizing your audio messages with GoToConnect’s cloud system. You can easily upload professional recordings such as auto attendants, voicemails, and other greetings in a couple of minutes. No tech support needed!

  • No Wasted Branding Opportunities:

Every advertising moment matters, even a few seconds. You can program the GoToConnect system to play your messaging during call transfers and ring time and hold time, so you don’t waste a moment of branding opportunity.

With GoToConnect’s cloud system, you can simply create an audio recording – something we would be more than happy to assist you with – and start customizing your system to fit your needs.

3. Use GoToConnect’s Mobile App for Connecting Anywhere

Have you recently, say in the past year or so, learned to embrace working remotely? Sometimes it is great and other times …not so much. The tools can sometimes feel clunky and slap-dash.

But with the GoTo mobile app, working remotely is no problem.

Download the GoToConnect app onto your cell phone and get ALL the features of your phone system from anywhere. This includes:

  1. Answering calls that go to your physical extension

  2. Placing calls on hold with your hold messaging

  3. Transferring calls

  4. and more! …all as if you were “in the office.”

4. THE Dial Plan Editor… SO easy, my 10 Year Old Could Program It

This one is so much fun, and it’s useful as well. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, anyone can set-up and customize call routing. Check out this quick video showing what it can do:

5. Value

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly a “feature,” but it is definitely worth mentioning. Instead of paying for traditional phone lines, you pay for each “seat.” Every activated phone set is considered “a seat,” and prices start below $20/month per seat and are to not exceed $30/month per seat, depending on the number of seats needed.

Each seat comes with the GoToConnect app for free, tech support for free, HD video conferencing, and almost all the features other cloud-based companies charge extra for, including visibility into call reports for every seat.

In Conclusion

I still get nostalgic for that rotary phone beside grandma's kitchen, but I certainly don't want my business to try and keep up today using those antiquated tools. I want to give myself, and my customers, the best experience and most opportunities available with the fewest hurdles. As for the nostalgia, I can always keep waiting for the next batch of cookies.

Are you ready to update your phone system to a highly customizable, user-friendly system?

Do you want a fresh audio branding experience tailored exclusively to your business needs?

Do you have a great recipe for homemade cookies?

If you answered yes to any of these, please let me know about it.

By: Adam King, Staff Writer & Key Accounts at On Hold Marketing Works


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