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Rock On Hold Music: Who Should (and Should Not) Play It

Music On Hold

If I asked you to think about on hold music, I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is the “elevator music” we’re all familiar with... BOOORING!

But customers are asking for more these days – they want to be engaged on all levels, and hold time is no exception. I’ve discussed creating the perfect message on hold content but what about the music?

Rest easy. I’ll show you exactly how to keep callers satisfied and raving about your business, even as they’re sitting on-hold with you.

A recent study found that each of us will spend approximately 1.2 YEARS waiting on-hold in our lifetime. As a consumer, this number is quite depressing; but as a company, this number signifies a huge opportunity to share value-adding content rather than wasting downtime that frustrates your customers and prospects.

Do you own an Automotive products and services company? Or how about a Sports store? Maybe you’re in Manufacturing? Then you are all great candidates for an often overlooked, yet extremely effective, on hold music genre: Rock.

I love Rock music on hold for 2 reasons:

1. It’s unexpected by callers.

2. It has the ability to rev anyone up.

Stay with me… you may be thinking, isn’t Rock music too aggressive? Well for some businesses, you would be right. A Senior Living Community or Spa are probably not the appropriate place to rev people up. And that’s okay.

Interestingly enough, our Rock music category only gets listened to 5% of the time, compared to our Easy Listening music on hold genre that receives 18% of the track plays on our website, out of 13 musical categories. Acoustic takes the runner-up position, just after Easy Listening.

What do those numbers tell you?

Businesses are playing it safe the majority of the time with their on hold music & messaging programs. But playing it safe usually means you're not standing out.

And you want to stand out, right?

There are a plethora of businesses who could really benefit from using Rock music on hold. I’ve already mentioned a few industries in which we’ve personally met success with this music genre.

However, if you’re not in one of those industries, consider the following questions before taking the plunge:

1. Who is my audience demographic?

Rock music appeals to many generations. Millennials enjoy punk and alternative rock genres. Baby Boomers lean for a Classic Rock vibe, for instance. Also, males tend to enjoy all types of Rock more than females, so an industry dominated by males could be a contender.

2. What reaction do I want from my audience?

Rock music, more so than other genres, is known to intensify emotion, energize, and even increase attention span. All great things if you are trying to motivate a sale on a certain product and keep callers engaged with your business. On the other hand, a doctor’s office or medical practice would not be the ideal place to arouse emotion when emotions may already be flying high.

3. What is the content in my on hold message?

Review your message on hold script to ensure the content matches the intensity and overall feel for the production. A funny on hold marketing message pairs better with Jazz & Piano than it does Rock. New Age & Spa and some Acoustic songs complement a message on hold meant to soothe or relax. A purely informative marketing message balances well with Corporate style music.

Rock on hold music tends to work better in competitive industries in saturated markets. These industries are competing for your business and have a strong sales & marketing approach within their on hold message, on their websites, and inside the store. Car sales is an excellent example.

To recap, rock music evokes desire, creates energy, and has the ability to motivate. And when you’re trying to sell something, that’s a pretty powerful thing.

Interested in trying out music on hold messaging but not ready to take the plunge?

no gimmicks, no credit card needed, no obligation! Just a cool demo, completely customized to your business.


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