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How to choose the right on hold marketing plan

If you’re just starting out with a third party on hold messaging provider, choosing the right plan up front can save you money and boost your return on investment. It can be costly to pick the “cheapest plan” when you discover that you need to make necessary updates later. The truth is, all businesses continually change, grow, and develop over time, and so should your on hold marketing. No one wants to be put on hold to hear outdated information and listen to the same old music your company has been playing for years. This sends the wrong message to your customer, rather than what you originally intended. All of that said, many businesses would be well-served to utilize “fresh” content several times a year. This sends the right message to your customers and prospects that you care about them and respect their time.

While updating your on hold marketing content may not always be at the top of your mind, a good on hold messaging and music provider will be there to manage and support it, ensuring that you are getting the most out of the service. After all, when customers and prospects call YOU, they have taken steps to pursue and seek you out. This means they are not only interested in your company, but are also interested in what you have to say and how you treat them. Great on hold marketing is thoughtful and builds loyalty in your customer base as it is a large part of the customer experience.

Here are 3 factors to consider when purchasing an on hold messaging program:

Call Volume

If your business has a high call volume, you may want to consider purchasing an on hold marketing plan that allows you to update several times a year. The higher the call volume, the more likely you are to put people on hold and for longer periods of time. If a customer calls you just twice a year and hears the exact same music and message, they will get a “static” feeling from your company rather than the dynamic experience they want and deserve.

Company Size

Small to medium size business owners can receive the most benefit and ROI out of frequent changes in on hold messaging campaigns. Not only is it an extremely affordable form of marketing, but you’ve already grabbed your audience’s attention to tell them more about who you are and your company culture. This allows people to feel connected to you. We all already know about major companies like Coca Cola and Apple for example. These companies have done a great job connecting with their audiences and building loyalty to their products through effective marketing campaigns and an excellent customer experience. Now it is your turn to shine. You already have a captive audience. Talk to them!

Rate the importance of the phone call on a scale of 1 to 10.

Some businesses place very little importance on the phone call, while others have worked extremely hard to get those phone calls. The higher the importance of the phone call, the more you should consider frequent changes in your on hold marketing campaign. If phone calls are not important to the success and profitability of your company, then on hold marketing may not work for you. You may just want to invest in a music background while callers wait in the very least so they know you are still on the line.

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