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Timesaving tips for marketing on hold

I mistakenly asked my boss the other day, “Are you busy right now?” as a segue into discussing our sales and marketing objectives. He chuckled at the question and in response said, “I’m always busy, but how can I help?” Immediately I wondered why any of us ask that question, because the truth is that if you are doing your job, then you’re busy! This applies to everyone, no matter their post in life. Here are a few timesaving tips to keep you on track with your on hold marketing campaign.

1. Use Your On Hold Marketing Account Manager.

At On Hold Marketing Works, you are assigned a personal Account Manager to assist with your needs and questions. It’s up to you to use them as a resource. For example, tell them what kind of music and mood you want to set and ask them to choose just a few samples for your review. This will save you time and allow us to do what we do best!

2. Create Your On Hold Productions for the Entire Year in Advance.

This is hard to do but is highly rewarding. Let’s say you are on the Quarterly Plan, which grants either 4 updates or 4 completely different on hold messages. Think about what your customers might like to hear during the year. For instance, a “spooky” and playful Halloween on hold message is entertaining and engaging. Or how about rewarding the “Employee of the Month” with their accomplishments at the company, gaining loyalty from your staff and clients alike. Once the on hold messages are created, your account manager will schedule when each will go live and take care of it for you.

3. Allow us the honor to write your scripts.

With our script writers, you save time and money. It is included in the cost when you purchase an on hold plan, and we have experience writing for a huge variety of industries. On Hold Marketing Works knows what it takes to write a compelling message on hold, utilizing your website, literature, and any scratch notes given to us. Of course, the best on hold messages are created when we get to collaborate and brainstorm with you.

So while you are busy getting your job done, let us take care of ours to serve you, save you time, and put together an on hold marketing campaign that knocks the socks off your callers!

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