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Getting the most out of your on-hold marketing campaign

At On Hold Marketing Works, we realize that finding the time to change your on-hold messaging program can be a challenging, even daunting, task.

You begin to ask yourself if updating the production is a worthwhile pursuit of your time.

Before you know it, 6 months has passed with no foreseeable progress, other than making it on the to-do list.

Yes, we know this tactic well, which is why our creative staff has come up with a TON of resources to keep you on track with your on-hold marketing campaign, winning sales and the loyalty of inbound callers.

You are not on your own.

You want to write a compelling script for your on-hold message, but that takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t sweat it! Script-writing is our expertise and included in the price of any on-hold marketing plan.

Send us your company brochures, your website address, and any scratch bullet points of important info you want to include, and we will do the rest. Once we’ve drawn something up, we send it to you for review and edits. It’s really that easy.

Proactive customer service

At On Hold Marketing Works, customer service is not just something we say we are good at. We are serious about it!

Once you sign up for an on-hold messaging plan, you are assigned an Account Manager who will regularly contact you via email, phone, and fax in order to remind you about updating your on-hold message.

Especially during the holidays, which is our busiest time, we make it simple for you to update your message by simply filling out a questionnaire where you can easily check off your music selection and any holiday tag lines you’d like to include in your script.

We offer over 20 voice-over artists to record your on-hold message, contrasted with many on-hold companies who have one or just a few voice talents available to you.

We recommend using more than one voice talent, usually one male and one female. Specialty voice talent such as British and Australian accents are also great choices, which are often used by luxury retailers.

Get creative with child voices if you are a pediatric clinic, dentist, or other type of family business. Once you have chosen your voice-over artists, we believe it is important to continue using them for your future on-hold productions to keep a consistent sound and brand. However, you may change voices at any point, should you feel like going in another direction.

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