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4 Frightfully Fun Tips for a Halloween On-Hold Message

The best Halloween on-hold messages are fun, light-hearted and capture the imagination of the audience listening. Without further ado, we’ll get straight to the tips you can use for your next production on-hold advertisement.

Use Spooky Sound Effects

Scary laughs and cackles, whispering, critters flapping their wings, ghostly winds, and more… incorporate these sounds for an automatic Halloween vibe.

Halloween-ify your on-hold script

If you don’t have the time to come up with creative ideas for a brand new script, just use your old one and we’ll help you out. We’ll use spooky words such as: buried, grave, ghastly, ghoulish, hocus pocus, spell-bound, chilling, creepy, frightful, midnight, fog, enchant, thrilling… and oh-so many more we could come up with, my pretty!!!

Change your Voice Talent

Use our lowest, booming male voice talent or get recommendations on which talent to use for a Halloween character you had in mind to read your on-hold message script.

Think Trick-or-Treat Music Backgrounds

We like classics such as Tocatta in D Minor by Bach which has an old-school Halloween sound for Halloween on-hold music, and there are some newer more upbeat songs like Creepy Castle for a lighter more modern vibe. You can use more haunting/terror type songs, but be careful not to make callers uneasy while waiting on-hold. Focus on providing the fun, kid-friendly Halloween spirit rather than a horror thriller movie appeal, depending on your business type of course. Detective music works well too with an on-hold message more geared toward the spy lingo.

The best result of a Halloween on-hold message is that you will probably be the only (or one of a very few companies) who actually take the time to do one, gaining a long-lasting memorability and kudos for creativity from your customers and prospects.

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