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12 On-Hold Music Songs You’re Going to LOVE

on hold music

I know what you're thinking … I'm nuts!

Well maybe I am a bit crazy for enjoying hold music, but hear me out folks ... no really ... hear the songs for yourselves and decide.

You’ll be tapping your foot and wondering if you can download the tune onto your iPhone.

Whether you’re in the market for music on-hold, or you’re just updating your current on-hold message, we know it's too difficult to listen to ALL those music selections. So if you’re short on time, check out this shortlist to kick your on hold music and marketing message into high gear.

African Altitudes is by far my favorite on hold music song choice in our music library. It’s in our World category which is one of the most overlooked music on-hold groups. I love listening to this song while I work or play. It has a really fresh optimistic sound and such a great beat. Check it out here:

Fashion Life is a super slick song for any business wanting to update their image. This on-hold music choice is upbeat, without being too fast, and manages to bring the “blue steel” out of me. You can find this song in our Pop category.

In our Acoustic section, there are a lot of catchy and universally accepted tunes. I would recommend most of it for any business, but my favorite in this genre is the Fun Guitar & Ukulele. It reminds me of waking up on Saturday morning with nothing on my list to do that day except have fun.

Who doesn't love a Morning with Coffee? It makes for a fantastic Easy Listening on-hold music choice. The vibe of this song is positive and hopeful. What more could you want for your callers to feel while waiting for you to come back to them?

Our Country genre is CHALK full of great music on-hold, so it was hard for me to pick, but maybe that’s just because I’m a Southern Belle :). Check out Cart before the Horse. I love this good ole’, down-home, honky-tonk tune.

Any Day Will Do in our Jazz & Piano category is a sublime on-hold music choice. It’s rhythmic; it’s happy; it’s smooth; it’s nice. It’s all those things and more. A voice-over talent will sound great talking over this song, and callers will reminisce about the good old days.

One of our oldest and most successful on-hold music choices is Axe to Grind found in our Rock genre, and I love it. It’s tough without being aggressive, which can be a difficult balance to attain with rock music.

Business to Business (B2B) companies will LOVE Optimistic Business – primarily because the title exactly indicates the heart and soul of the song. When I listen to it, I can hear the vision of a business coming to life. The opposite of static and boring, this song pulls you in. Listen to more songs like this in our Corporate category.

Zen Garden, in New Age & Spa, exudes mystery and wonder. Want to relax prospects while waiting on-hold? This song is it.

I am not a fan of Classical music on-hold, but for some reason, it continues to be a popular choice for on-hold music buyers. Look, it’s not the worst - it’s just cliche. Classical Romp is my pick for this genre. It’s fun and light hearted, while most classical music tends to be heavy, overly emotive, or simply too serious for my taste.

Sidestreet, in Oldies, brings the power of dance. Upbeat and nostalgic - a perfectly suitable song for all audiences.

While everyone knows “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”, I wanted to bring to light a song that is often goes unnoticed but presents a delightful Holiday tune – Joyous Bells. The magic of the season quickly spreads with a bright and joyful melody.

Well that's all, folks. What do you think?

Send me your thoughts at

Let me know your favorites and not-so-favorites. Either way, I hope to hear from you! - Cristina


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